19 February 2007

How can yah?

Yes!, I said, "How can Yah?" say you're 'Anti-Torture'? Have yah read you're own blog lately have yah? Besides what the fuck? Who the hell isn't anti-torture beejeezus! except George Dub be yah for sure and say maybe the Pope... pause for laughs or maybe a dominatrix or two.


Blogger Krash Halmoot said...

post-modern existential dread!
Commenting on my own posting and it's my grammar that is my true fear ungodly compared to the flying limbs of some poor non-anna nicole smith baby with a name like tom or dick or harry arm falling back to earth seperated from body bloody what the fuck why is no body talking about this shit like they should be god damn i'm sorry i don't care about iraq "I care about America, my country tis a vee my sorrowful lost souls dying in my gutter damn it
let iraq fix itself
and god help us let us fix ourselves our ghettos "Every Fucking U.S. City has a Fucking Beruit bombed out from long ago.
Please let's build homes in our own cities and stop destroying the homes of foreign people who didn't do anything to us. Except give us this awful civilization.

11:50 PM  
Blogger Rob Simons said...

Guernica has nothing on this:


5:42 PM  

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